Troodos- green heart of Cyprus.

It is the oldest landmark of the island and the famous ancestor of Cyprus. Today Troodos Mountains sheltered on their slopes cozy and picturesque villages, Byzantine monasteries, and ancient ruins that attract tourists from different countries.

The cool mountain forests growing on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains are an ideal refuge from the heat on a hot summer day. In these Cyprus forests, more than a hundred species of plants grow: pine and oak trees, cypresses and junipers, alder and cedar elders.

In summer, vacationers flee here from the coastal heat, and in winter the slopes of Mount Olympos are entirely in the power of skiers. This Cyprus resort is markedly different from everyone else: there they come not to lie in the sun and swim in the ocean, but wander among the mountain ranges, enjoy the clean air, relax in silence and coolness.

To please nature lovers with something more than camping and eateries, the Tourist Board together with the Forestry Commission of Cyprus paved many hiking trails to the summits of the Troodos Mountains.

Mount Olympos is the highest point in Cyprus, the Cedar Valley, the village of Fini, the famous pottery village of Kakopetria. Here there are numerous churches and monasteries, some of them are included in the list of world cultural values ​​of UNESCO and are protected by the state.

Attractions and attractions of Troodos: