N i c o s i a.

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, located in the central part of the island. This is the only area of ​​Cyprus that has no access to the sea.

Today's Nicosia is a city with first-class hotels, museums and art galleries, a municipal theater and beautiful parks. It has established itself as an ideal venue for conferences.The main attractions are on the territory inside the Venetian walls. The quaint architecture of the city bears the imprint of Frankish, Venetian and Turkish influences. Narrow streets, cobblestone, often open only to pedestrians. Not far from the main square of the city is the old restored quarter of Laika Itonia. It conveys the atmosphere of the early 20th century. His houses, numerous cafes and shops attract many tourists. As in any capital, in Nicosia are the most important museums in Cyprus. They introduce visitors to the history of the island, folk art, iconography of Byzantium, since the 9th century, European religious mythological painting. It is impossible not to visit the Archaeological Museum, which houses exhibits from the Neolithic period to the end of the Roman era.

The most important architectural monument is the house of Hajiheorgorgis Kornessios, a wealthy dragoman (mediator between the Turkish authorities of Cyprus and the Greek community). Inside, the atmosphere is preserved, combining Turkish and Byzantine styles - columns and marble fountains, a garden, magnificent carpets.The churches of Nicosia impress with its magnificent iconostasis. The main churches are St. John's Cathedral, St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Fenaromeni Church, Chrysaliniotissa Church, Tripioti Church. In the municipal theater of Nicosia, a wide program of performances and concerts is held throughout the year.

Nicosia is the only capital of the world divided into two parts, which is the capital at the same time for two states: the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The border dividing the city passes through the main street of Ledra. So if you go to this city, take your passport with you and take a walk on the Turkish side of Cyprus yourself. Before the Turkish occupation, Erkan airport in Nicosia was considered the main international airport of the island. Now trips through this airport can bear unpleasant consequences when you travel to the Greek side of Cyprus or to Greece.

However, Nicosia is worth your attention.

Here is a short list of places that are interesting to visit in this city: