L i m a s s o l. 

Limassol is considered the most cheerful and cosmopolitan city of Cyprus.

The tourist area of ​​Limassol, in which almost all the resort hotels are located, starts east of the seaside boulevard and continues along a narrow strip of beaches in a northeasterly direction, beyond the city limits. Many hotels have their own beaches.

Life at the resort does not freeze even in winter: tourists break away into nightclubs, drink the best Cypriot wine, have fun all day long. But do not think that you can only find parties here. Families with children like to relax in Limassol (there are three water parks, a lunar park and the only zoological garden in the city amusement park in Cyprus), and a respectable public parting with laptops even on the beach or in the bar.

Note that this is also the most "Russian-speaking" resort of the island, but the plus or minus - decide for yourself.

The sea in Limassol is incredibly warm and clean, as in most of Cyprus. The island itself is located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, while part of the Mediterranean Sea, which is washing Cyprus between the peninsula of Asia Minor and Africa, is conditionally called the Cyprus Sea.

The latter, in turn, is divided into the eastern part, located between Cyprus and the Middle East coast, called the Levantine Sea, and the northeast (between Asia Minor and Cyprus), called the Cilician Sea.

Another advantage of rest in Limassol is the amazingly clean beaches, with a gentle slope to the water and nearby infrastructure. In addition, rest on the beaches of Limassol is not only pleasant, but also useful! The thing is that most of its beaches are sandy or sandy-pebbly, but the sand here is volcanic!

It contains a high concentration of flint, which favorably affects the skin of a person.What to see in Limassol?