Larnaca has a good reason to claim the title of the oldest city in Cyprus: archaeological evidence shows that people inhabited it 6,000 years ago.

However, in the present appearance of the resort such a gray-haired old man is not enough.Modern Larnaca is the twin sister of other seaside resorts in Cyprus in terms of development and architectural features: an ancient city center plus an abundance of hotels and restaurants along the beach along which a promenade stretches.

Larnaca - the most "simple" of the Cypriot resorts, suitable for tourists with a relatively low incomes. It can be safely recommended for recreation with young children, since the sea here is shallow and with a sandy bottom.

Most of the hotels are located in the tourist area of ​​Larnaca, set up east of the city on the sandy bay shore. Also, this resort is suitable for travel with young children and the elderly who want to relax in comfort, but away from the noise of large cities.Beaches of Larnaca are sandy with a smooth entrance to the sea.

It is believed that in this part of the island the most heated water in the sea. In the season the sea is warm, like fresh milk.

Larnaka itself is rich in such sights as:


 In Larnaca is the main airport of Cyprus, so if you stay in this city, the road will take about 20 tireless minutes by taxi. You can also use the bus number 425, which stops at the exit of the airport and is likely to take you to your needed hotel.