F a m a g u s t a.

Famagusta is a port city located in the Turkish part of Cyprus. Earlier in this territory was the ancient city of Arsinoe. After it fell into decay, a small fishing settlement appeared on this place, which soon turned into one of the largest centers of Christianity on the island. It was in Famagusta that the believers, who were hiding from persecution, arrived.

The city passed many times from hand to hand - it was owned by Italians, Frenchmen, Turks, Englishmen. From a small village Famagusta turned into a major shopping center, and at one time even considered the richest city in the world.

Famagusta is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Each of the peoples, who at one time owned the city, left its traces in it - fortress walls, castles, temples, mosques. Perhaps among the most famous historical places can be called the towers of Othello and Rivellino, the bastion and the museum of Janbulat, the bastions of Manrinengo and Porta del Mare. In addition to museums and historical monuments, Famagusta also has many entertainment and shopping centers, clubs, restaurants, taverns and bars.

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